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Choose your add torrent method by clicking it's title or use search box selected by default, just select the torrent(s) and click "Add torrent" button at the bottom.

Torrent Search

Use this method if you don't know how to find torrent files. The searches will be done at the most popular torrent search engines. Add the files from the results with good "health" ratings, and remember that the best way to download a file at maximum speed is by adding several similar files and leaving only the one having the fastest download speed. To see the most popular torrents, just leave the search query unchanged and click on search button.

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Remote URL or Magnet Link Magnet Link

Simply copy the URLs or magnet links of the torrent files that you found on one of your favorite bittorrent search engines, putting each one on a new line in the box, and click the "Add Torrent" button. Adding a torrent through our direct URL form may not work with some sites.

Upload a .torrent file from local disk

This method will be handy if you don't know how to copy an URL or in case you're using a private torrent tracker. You should first download the torrent to your computer and then upload it to our site. You can upload up to 5 files at a time.