Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1. What is a torrent?

A torrent, or a .torrent file, is a small file which connects the host of the file with the user who wants to download it. Usually people are adding this file to a BitTorrent client for their download to start. These files could be found in any torrent search engine on the Internet or by using Quick Torrent's built-in search.

2. What does Quick Torrent do?

Quick Torrent converts torrent to the direct link by downloading the target file, and gives you the opportunity to download the file directly from our high speed servers without using any other program or staying online for hours waiting for the download process on your own BitTorrent client.

3. Why should I use it?

Since we have clusters of servers all over the world, we're able to download the file you need at a higher speed through a BitTorrent client. All you need to do is click on the download link we give you when your file is done, and your download will now be offered at the highest download speed allowed by your ISP. Plus, since you're downloading from us and not from many other BitTorrent users across a BitTorrent client, your download is now secure and you stay anonymous.

4. How to start?

Browse to the Add Torrent section and select one of the ways to add a file that you would like to download from us. If you came from a torrent site, just copy their direct link to the torrent file, or you can download it to your computer and the upload it on our site. The second way to add a torrent is by using our built-in search. Simply enter a keyword in the search box and select the torrent search engine you want to search in. Then you click the download button to begin the downloading process.

5. What is the traffic package about?

For your download to begin. you need to have enough traffic to at least cover what you are attempting to download. We have a few traffic packages that you can add to your account, starting from 10 GB. These payments are not recurring, so you will be able to use your traffic for downloading files until you run out. Then you will be asked to refill your account with a new traffic package, which you can add to your account at any time.

6. How much time should I wait for my download?

Quick Torrent can download at speeds up to 10 mb/s, however when you are choosing a torrent file you need to look for the "availability" of the file in our search results list, or the "seeds/leechers" amount if you are getting the torrent from another site. The wait time depends on these factors, so if you want to download a file quickly, you should choose a file with good availability or a lot of seeds and leechers.

7. Can I shut down the computer while my account is downloading?

Yes, you sure can. That's one of the many perks of using Quick Torrent, because you will receive an email when your download is ready.

8. Is Quick Torrent Mac compatible?

Yes it is, but it is recommended that you use Mozilla Firefox to browse our site.

Quick Torrent Usage

9. How many torrent files can I run simultaneously?

You can run as many as you want at the same time, and we'll provide you with the direct download links when they're done. You can also downloaded all the completed files simultaneously.

10. What are the ways of adding a file to be downloaded?

Go to the Add Torrent section and choose one of these methods:

  1. “Torrent search” would be handy to those that don't know how to search for torrent files. Our search feature uses the most popular torrent search engines. You should add the files that have the best “availability” ratings, and remember that the best way to download a file at maximum speed is by adding several similar files and leaving only the one that has the fastest download speed.
  2. “Remote link": just copy the URL of the torrent file that you found from one of your favorite bittorrent search engines and click the "Add Torrent” button. However, adding a torrent through our direct URL form may not work with some sites. Make sure that the link is to a .torrent file and not a text or an HTML file.
  3. “Upload .torrent file”: use this method If you don't know how to copy an URL or in case you're using a private torrent tracker. You should first download the torrent to your computer and then upload it to our site.

11. Why is the download speed so slow?

The torrent download speed depends on the number of users who host this file (seeds). Our availability status for each file shows a comparative number of seeders, so the more seeders there are, the faster the file can be downloaded. You cannot do anything about these factors, because Quick Torrent first downloads the file at the maximum speed possible, and when it's completed, you can download the file from our site via direct link at up to 10 Mbps speed.

12. I get an error after adding a torrent. What does that mean?

It means that for some reason, the torrent cannot be downloaded. These are the most frequent errors: "Invalid passkey" means that the source of the file is closed and a registration is required; "Problem connecting to the tracker" means that for some reason the tracker of the file is unreachable. These issues may be often solved by adding one or several similar files.

13. I downloaded a file, but it’s content doesn't correspond with the description.

Quick Torrent isn't responsible for the downloaded files' contents. We only provide an easy way of direct file downloading. We encourage you to use anti virus software as protection.

14. The readme file that went along with a file states that I should visit some website.

Don't do it. This is most definitely is a scam. Try downloading this file from another source, but please read the other users' comments in advance to know what to expect.

15. Can I delete my account history? Should I send you a request to do that?

No, your account history and statistics may not be deleted. No one but you and Quick Torrent as a service provider has access to your account statistics. There have been cases of refund requests springing out after 6 months of the service use, which is why we keep this information.